Sunday, December 27, 2009

SWEET moment contest by LENSAMAMA

Yeayyyy......bestnya makan coklat ni, nyum nyum. Chocolate memang favourite naim

Ni ummi naim bagi makan chocolate cupcake, naim makan penuh perasaan k...

Name: Naim Hamzi Bin Halimi
DOB: 24 Julai 2008
Saya memilih gambar ni kerana Naim memang suka coklat. Apa-apa berkaitan coklat mesti laju je dia makan, kalau cupcake coklat pun macam tu, dah habis sebiji siap mintak lagi....

How to join this sinful SWEETness?
1. Be a follower of lensaMama
2. Include lensaMama in your blog list
3. Copy lensaMama's badge to the sidebar of you blog and link it to
4. Write a blog post of this contest with title 'SWEET moments Contest by lensaMama'
5. Include the SWEET moments Contest banner and link it to this entry
6. Put in One (1) of your baby's photo in the post and mention your SWEETie's name and date of birth
7. Write a short description about the SWEETness in the photo
8. Leave a comment in this entry with your email address and direct link to your blogpost

Terms and Conditions:
1. Contestants must be a Malaysian Babies aged 0-3 years old at the time of entry.
2. Picture should be current or less than 1 year difference from the actual age of baby.
3. Entry must be submitted by the parents themselves.
4. lensaMama's decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained. Please respect lensaMama's credibility.
5. Venue of the photoshoot session shall be determine by lensaMama (we are based in KL).
6. lensaMama have the rights to change, amend, delete or add on to these T&C without prior notice.
7. lensaMama reserves the right to cancel the contest at any stage if deemed necessary in our opinion.


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