Sunday, July 25, 2010

Naim Hamzi is 2

Sekejap je rasanya, 24 hb lepas, Naim dah pun 2 tahun..dah besar dah anak ummi dan ayah. Naim sekarang big boy, pandai berdikari, semua nak buat sendiri, sekarang pun jadi my best buddy, seronok dengan dia, leh jadi macam teman lak. Harap anak ummi jadi anak yang baik nanti..AMIN

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Photos photograph by my sister....

Lama blog tak berupdate.......sukar sedikit untuk update my personal blog as I'm very busy, have lots of things to do, furthermore now I just found a new interest. So happy with it, that make my life even happier, and Alhamdulillah also, my family also support me in this lane. My latest project is cupcakes and chocolate that held at my house last weekend, I open the class to all, but at the day, the participant is a friend of mine except Ayu. U can review my cupcakes and chocolate class at my chocolate blog ANJUNGNORRY. Can click at the sidebar.

Let's talk about Naim Hamzi, Naim now so clever, he can remember things at a one glance. If I talk to him, telling him something, he will remember the things properly when I ask him back. Can remember people name very well(but sometimes can't pronounce it).

The life is up and down, sometimes we happy but sometimes we not. This is life, just a life....we like something but might be others don't...whatever it is...ENJOY YOUR LIFE..

‎"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire" - Reggie Leac

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