Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cutest Mama & Baby Contest

The Cutest Mama & Baby Contest KLIK SINI
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Nama anak: Naim Hamzi bin Halimi
Umur:23 bulan
Nama Ummi: Norry

Gambar Hiasan

Gambar Contest The Cutest mama & Baby Contest ni diambil kat apartment kitorang di Bukit Jalil, sebenarnya masa ni nak keluar pergi shopping, so sebelum keluar ummi Naim nak bergambar dulu sebelum bershopping dengan si kecik ni. Si Naim lak pandai sengih macam tu. Sekarang lagi la, kalau nampak je kamera sengih la dia, tapi kenkadang tak nak bergambar pulak. Apapun, bagi saya, anak kita adalah yang paling cute dan tiada gantinya, datanglah baby/anak lain yang paling cute atas dunia pun, pasti kita memilih anak kita yang tersayang...Naim..Ummi sayang Naim so much....

Salam Bercontest
From me

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Experience with Tonsillectomy

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I think I want to make this entry a long entry, because one of biggest things happen in my life.

Firstly, I seek my ENT specialist after I have a bad flue, the Dr confirm it is a rhinitis, give me some nose drops.Then, Oh God, the Dr told me that I have this cronic tonsilitis(the tonsil was swolen, large and granules), the Dr told me the best option is tonsillectomy. The tonsillectomy supposed to be done on Mac, but I need to postponed it because I'm very busy at that time with lots of programmed that needs to be carried out.

16 june 2010
Pre-op day, the Dr check the tonsil and everything, blood taking, blood pressure. I was warded on that day. At the evening, I meet my Anaesthetist to discuss about the procedure in the Operation Theathe, the side effect and ext

17 june 2010
After Solat Subuh, I prepare myself physically and Mentally for the procedure, about 7.10am the nurse ready to go the OT, I'm lying down on the bed, now I know how's the patient's feeling, nervous, scared.... eventhought before this I also did some EUA, cycorefraction in the OT room, but this time it was totally different because the patient is ME. It is very cold in the OT room, I need an extra blanket. I don't know what time at that time, surrounding is the nurses and the paramedic that lokks very familiar...oh Ophthal and ENT is just next door huhhhh. The Surgeon is not arrive yet at that time, The Anaesthetist ready to to do General Anaesthetia procedure, give me the oxygen mask. After that I not remember anything anything until I open my eyes, the procedure is DONE, feel painful in my mouth and I cannot breath very well.

The paramedics send me back to the ward and monitor the blood pressure and the temperature. At the afternoon, they ask me to eat a porrigde, I try a bit, try very hard eventhought is very painful. After eat a bit, i started to vomit....GOD.....Uwekkkk..

Luckily, my husband is beside me, give me strenght that I need. So difficult to swallow even my own saliva...

Day 2 post tonsillectomy, Dr allowed me to go home...

At home, I found that there is 2 tongue ulser at each side, that make the pain doubles

6 days post tonsillectomy, still very painful, sometimes I coudn't sleep at night, need to take a pain killer, still on antibiotics, eat a very small amount, need to close my eyes while swallowing because its too change a lots. I couldn't do things that I normally do, I even cannot speak properly....the painful is a horrible nightmare. I did some reseached on the internet about the tonsillectomy recovery, most of them said it was terible and if they know it was painful like this...they won't proceed with the operation havha. Before the operation, I just imagine it's not that pain like this...however, be strong...hopefully all this will end....soon

7 days
The pain is still terible...

day 9
Feel better, my tounge ulcer at the left is healing well, but the ulcer at the right side still pain a bit. can to talk a bit better. cannot membebel lagi...the voice still small huk huk

I think sakit beranak sakit sekejap je, masa beranak tu je, sakit episiotomy pun takde la macam ni...huhu

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lamanya tak update

Lamanya tak update blog ni, bukannya apa, busy sangat, tambahan pulak sekarang duk sibuk buat coklat, cupcake la, macam....lusa saya akan menjalani pembedahan tonsilectomy, esok warded, takut pun la, tak pernah kena GA selama ni...apapun doakan saya selamat and semua ok

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