Saturday, November 21, 2009

Malaysia Singapore Joint Opthalmic Congress-Renaissance Hotel

With Dr Zaza

The Speakers from Malaysia, US and Singapore

Tudung Merah berkot ni Prof Mohaya, selalu masuk paper, 1 of my lecturer when I was study at UKM

At the Exhibition Booth

Weekend baru ni ada congress kat Renaissance Hotel, pg sabtu tengah syok ambik gambar sekitar Hotel 5 star yg sgt cantekkk nih ada organizer commitee approach me to be the photographer for the opening ceremony, he said they'll pay me, Oh God I just bring my prime lens, no zoom and at the same time my flash battery already weak. I just said I'll try...




The result is like above....okeh la tu, never shoot for event before...hehehhhh

I'll share some info that I get from the congress...stay tune....


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